LTB Consult is a marketing, business development and educational management & consulting firm. We offer professional, precise, impeccable and pocket friendly services for individual, colleges, business schools and organizations.

At LTB Consult Nigeria, we help organizations to build competence and commitment in their workforce. The outcome is that business results improve significantly. Our strength lies mainly in our effective use of experiential learning approach and passionate facilitators who are experts in their subjects.
Providing first class professional training, career development, and educational management and consulting for
individuals, corporate organizations, government ministries and its agencies, SME and emerging entrepreneur.

To provide distinct and effective consultancy services for all
To be the best educational management consulting firm of all time
To enable and encourage everyone that comes in contact with us.
We will harness all available medium and network to create awareness for all our clients, both individual and  corporate bodies; both local and foreign.
At LTB Consult Nigeria we view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, our community and our
environment. Our goal is; continue professional development for all employees, employer and the Nigeria corporate

we partner with Universities, Business schools, College  and international   professional bodies to bring quality professional and career development courses to individual  and  corporate organizations.

We also develop as well as generate productive new business idea for would be entrepreneur.

We source for and recruit eligible student to international university of choice

We offer training for SME, retiree, fresh graduates and undergraduates who wish to try their hands in new business or who wish to do their ongoing business better.

We organize seminar, exhibition for colleges, business schools and universities who wish to make themselves known to the Nigeria Market.

We have successfully worked with organizations like FAAN, NYSC to mention but few.

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